[ic] newbie

Alessandro Zummo azummo@ita.flashnet.it
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 20:46:57 +0200

 As said in subject, i'm a newbie.

 I've been asked to select an open sourced e-commerce package and
 after i digged around a while, it's likely i will choice interchange.

 however, i'd like to ask some questions to some more
 experienced users.

 My employee used to do virtual hosting on a server with
 two ip addresses: one which does name based virtual hosting,
 the other which supports SSL.

 The ecom package i will choice should be able
 to handle different shops in a way that, while each one
 should have it's own catalog and aspect,  all of
 them should share the common, secure server to
 handle the checkout process.
 Is this possible with ic ?


  - az -