[ic] 8bit 2byte code support?

Shozo Murahashi murahashi@ayayu.com
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 18:57:16 +0900

I installed new INTERCHANGE 4.5.5 on my FreeBSD and checked how does it
work with 2bytes asian code (in my case of Japanese).

2bytes code will be well in Minivend because I maintened Minivend in
real several sites. Actually barry demo seems working well.

On the other hand, UI have some troubles in case of 2bytes code. UI
destroyed some 8bit code because of encoding logic. But we have to keep
8bit code through DB maintenance UI.
Would you tell me some suggestion? In case of Minimate, I patched code
at row-edit and display Usertags not to encode text in mmtags.cfg. I
could add, modify data on Minimate before.

Kida Netbusiness