[ic] order

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 05:21:26 -0400

Quoting Detlef Funkel (df@bkit.de):
> Hi folks,
> I'm encountering the following tricky situation:
> Before finishing the order process on the checkout-page, I would like to
> do a "real-time" check via a socket connection to another server.
> How would you guys suggest including the code for this process (I need
> to use IO::Socket and other nifty perl modules...)?
> How do I make the creation hold on - or even cancel - if the "real-time"
> check fails?

There are a multitude of ways in checkout_profile, but they all involve
writing a global UserTag to access your code. One fairly easy way:

(in checkout_profile)


    [value name=it_succeeds set="[your-usertag]" hide=1]
    it_succeeds=required Sorry, the socket test failed.

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