[ic] Static Pages on a Cluster

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 09:46:08 -0400

Quoting Jimmy Eaton (jeaton@silverclicks.net):
> I had static pages working perfectly under Minivend 3.14 but gave up after
> Minivend 4.00.  Is it working now under Interchange? If so, is there a short
> explanation of [timed-build].  Will it work under 4.04 or do I need to
> upgrade to Interchange. Do I do a build or let [timed_build] do the build?
> Is it necessary to have a .static file under pages? Are the static
> configuration variables (staticall, staticfly etc) still valid? Can the
> StaticDB be shared on a NFS drive?
> I am in desperate need of static pages. I have a cluster with 4 pawns, a
> director and a mysql database server and would like to set up a separate
> page server for static pages and let my pawns in the cluster handle the
> dynamic pages.  I am serving close to 2 million dynamic pages a month and
> growing fast.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Interchange has a pretty good static-page generation facility, I think.
You can see it at:


Log in as demo/demo and then go to:


Highlight the pages you want to build (usually at least index, flypage
and results) and press regenerate. If you check the "verbose" box you can
follow the build.

It improves upon Minivend's in several ways:

	1. Search paging is persistent.
	2. You can build an arbitrary page with multiple mv_arg values.
	3. You can build in multiple passes with different entry points.

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