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John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 15:13:17 -0600 (MDT)

G'Day Scott,

I would have all the items added to the shopping cart, then create a "quotes" 
page that is a form that defaults to the prices in the products file.

You can then allow the sales people to enter/override the prices and submit the 

The destination page could use some perl code to assign the new prices to the 
items in the shopping cart, and wala that shopping cart now has your new 

John Beima

Quoting scott andreas <scotta@homer-simpson.learnserv.com>:

> Hello all,
> I'm creating a site where our salespeople can create quotes for our
> clients.
> Is what we want it to do is when they click on the product description
> the flypage will popup and all related information on that item will be
> displayed, along with a text box with to change the price of the product
> for this quote. I've investigated both common adjust and price adjust
> but there just isn't enough information about going about doing this.
> Any ideas would be appreciated. Thankyou
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