[ic] Admin-Login?

Sim Zacks Szacks@co.wayne.mi.us
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 07:24:55 -0400

You're problem may lie with the encryption This previous message by Mark Stosberg may solve your problem
Quoting Mark Stosberg (mark@summersault.com):
> Hello, 
>   I recently set up Interchange 4.5.5 for the first time. My OS is
> FreeBSD 3.1 and I'm using Perl 5.005_02.
>   Things went fairly smoothly, but I could not log into the
> administrative interface because of a "password mismatch error". Since I
> was using the correct username and the default 'pass' word, I suspected
> that the failure was because that the encryption of the original text
> varied from the way my system did it. I proceeded to try to encrypt my
> own password the way that Minivend does using my systems native "crypt"
> system. I produced a new encrypted password like this:
> > cd ~mvend/lib
> >  perl -e 'use Vend::Util; print crypt("pass",Vend::Util::random_string(2))."\n";'
> After pasting the result over the old password in access.txt, I was able
> to access the admin area with the username 'pass' as I expected. 
> I recommend that Interchange creates the default encrypted passwords in
> a manner like this as part of the "makecat" process, rather than relying
> on the OS to have a compatible encryption system. 

>>> "Jim Balcom" <jim@idk-enterprises.com> 09/20 4:09 PM >>>
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>The first time I tries I thought the user name was superuser. It is
actually the login name that you specified as being the superuser. I
recently installed it and it works fine.

But, when I try to log in using the correct super user name and the password
of 'pass', I am told that due to excessive paranoia the crypt function has
been disabled.

How can I log in?

-= Jim=-

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