[ic] Serious limit in minivend 4 for malls, plus solution

Murray Gibbins Murray@scotweb.ltd.uk
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 13:20:50 +0000

Using mv 4.0.4

I ran up to an internal limit in the number of strings i could have in a
CommonAdjust directive.
I got this error "Too many chained cost levels for item" .

This is a serious limit to the number of shops in a mall that can use complex
pricing. Currently the mall I'm developing has 11 shops many more to come ( this
is going to be the biggest e-mall in the country __MANIC_LAUGH__)


Find the file Data.pm
Goto line "if($its++ > 20) {", roughly at line number 1099
Change the number upwards ( I've gone for 200 for now).

This really needs to be set via a configuration in the minivend.cfg file!!!

Has this been done in interchange?

If no one does it soon when I get time I'll upgrade to 4.0.4a fix it with a
directive and submit a patch, however at the moment I'm very busy, what with the
mall development and shipd, auto-shopping-mall generation scripts ( takes a few
databases and turns them into shops in a mall, fully configuring minivend.cfg
etc usefull for auto-generating 200 shops :-), works too! so far 20k lines of
code, it even does nested ranges of products!) etc...



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