[ic] Buggy Install?? Or User Error??

Sim Zacks Szacks@co.wayne.mi.us
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 13:41:45 -0400

The way Interchange works is it puts a linking programin the cgi-bin and using that it interacts with catalog directories that are not in the public web space. There are some demo files in the root directory but everything that works with minivend is in the catalog directory

.....i had created a basic catalog and the
url was  that page worked. HOWEVER all of the links
were pointing to I
tried all last night to figure out what I had did wrong and y it was looking
for it in the cgi-bin dir I also tried going and editing the link to point
at  and that didnt work because
there was no such file or dir......i then updated my locate database and
didnt find ANY of the files itr was looking for admin.html, order(cgi) or
anyhting. Any Ideas on what may have happened?

Beriah Dutcher