[ic] Notes on upgrading a store from 4.04 to Interchange (and a question)

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 14:31:18 -0500

  I would like info on this topic. I have MV 4.03 running along with MV 3.14
on one of my machines. It is a Red Hat 6.2 machine and when I tried to rpm
-Uvh or rpm -ivh the Interchange rpm file I get conflicts. Fearing the worst
(loosing all my MV data) I halted instead of uninstalling the MV 4.03 I plan
on moving the data to a safe area and removing the MV rpm but if there is a
simpler way I am all ears. Should I just do the good old ./configure :)


Mark Stosberg wrote:

> Hello,
>   I recently upgraded to Interchange 4.5.5 from Minivend 4.04 and
> started going about the task of getting a store to work with the new
> system. Here are some notes from that to help others who do this, and a
> question I didn't resolve:
> * The initial install was as easy as other Minivend upgrades I've done.
> In fact it seemed exactly the same.
> * Once I was able to access the new admin area, all of the sections
> appeared blank-- as if there was no data. Interchange reported no errors
> in the error logs about this. Investigation showed that an 'inactive'
> field was needed to be added to the 'userdb' table. I used a text editor
> and a spreadsheet to set this column to 0's for all the rows.
> * it appears that I needed to remove the top line from shipping.asc to
> be consistent with the new 'barry' sample store.
> * the transactions.txt file needed an extra column named 'archived'.
> Again I used a text editor and speadsheet to get this column filled with
> zeros.
> * it was useful to copy over the 'access.asc' and mv_metadata.asc files
> over from the 'barry' demo to get started. I added the 'access.asc' to
> my listing of Databases in catalog.cfg as well.
> * I believe I needed to add the lines relating to "UI" to my current
> minivend.cfg file.
> * There were probably some other details that I needed to do that I
> didn't get documented here.
> ----------------------
> In converting the user-visible part of the store, there was one big
> hang-up that I could not get past. In fact, it has lead me to
> 'down-grade' from Interchange on this system for now.
> On my page multi/checkout.html, I started getting internal server errors
> with this in the error logs when I submit the page:
> ######################################
> w9TYiy8o:nobody - [19/September/2000:19:54:38 -0500] ssp
> /~softskul/cgi-bin/ssp.cgi/process.html Bad SQL statement: Parse error
> near 7 at /usr/local/mvend/lib/Vend/Scan.pm line 579.
> >
> > Query was: 7.
> >
> w9TYiy8o:nobody - [19/September/2000:19:54:38 -0500] ssp
> /~softskul/cgi-bin/ssp.cgi/process.html Bad SQL, query was: 7
> w9TYiy8o:nobody - [19/September/2000:19:54:38 -0500] ssp
> /cgi-bin/ssp.cgi/process.html Runtime error: Can't use an undefined
> value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/local/mvend/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm
> line 4774.
> >
> ######################
> I looked through the source code at these lines, as well as analyzing
> the code on the page, and I could not figure this out. Does anyone know
> what possible causes for this are? Whatever I was doing was valid with
> MV 4.04. :)
> If it's something wrong with my own code, it would be nice to get back a
> more descriptive error message, if possible.
> Also, pointers to other documents related to upgrading to Interchange
> are appreciated.
> Thanks!
>   -mark
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