[ic] Buggy Install?? Or User Error??

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:02:15 +0200

Beriah Dutcher schrieb:
> Hi Joachim,
> Yah i started the server using the line that the makecat told to to use some
> su -c /path/bin something
> and i 'ps -az | grep minivend' and it showed the minivend running
> 62810  ??  Ss     0:20.25 /usr/bin/perl
> /usr/local/minivend/bin/minivend --Igno
> and im not sure want u want to know what makecat told me at teh end....it
> did say it had done everyhting successfully

There are several ways for this problem:

1) Minivend server is not running
2) wrong permissions
3) wrong setting of the catalog.cfg 
4) wrong setting ot he webserver configurations
5) <have I forgot anything>?

Can you get any output of any test cgi program in your browser with (for

and test.cgi looks like (not tested)

--------snip test.cgi------
print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
print "This is testcgi.\n\n";
print "The Perl version is: $]\n";
print "My user id is: $<\n\n";
require GDBM_File and print "You have GDBM.\n";
require DB_File and print "You have Berkeley DB.\n";
require NDBM_File and print "You have NDBM.\n";
--------snip test.cgi------


--------snip test.cgi------
print "CGI Environment Variables<P>";
print "<PRE>";
while(($key,$val) = each(ENV))
	print "<B>$key</B>: $val \n";
print "</PRE>";
--------snip test.cgi------

and test.cgi is in your cgi-bin directory? 

Can you get (for example) this

This is testcgi.

The Perl version is: 5.006
My user id is: 0

from the testcgi?

Have you a file "basic" in your cgi-bin directory?
(In this directory is _no_ any html files! Only your one cgi file
"basic" and not more.)

What happen, if you try

and wait a little bit more (please wait 5 minutes)! Did you get a
message like

We're sorry, the MiniVend server was not running...

We are out of service or may be experiencing high system demand, please
try again soon. 



-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------