[ic] Help with adding new leftside templates

Arango, Karen Karen.Arango@DynCorp.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:11:36 -0400


I am using Interchange, and am struggling with adding additional left sides
to pages.  I would like to have a different left side based on which section
of the catalog/web site that I am in.  What I tried doing was modifying the
catalog.cfg file  and adding the following two lines

(for high traffic)
Variable      CATALOGLEFT   <catalogleft 

(for low traffic)
Variable      CATALOGLEFT   [include config/catalogleft]

Then, I modified pages/index.html and changed all references to LEFTSIDE to

Then, I moved config/leftside to catalogleft

The result was that I got no left side menu.  I just got the logobar,
menubar, content, etc....

Is there another place that I need indicate that there is a new config file?

Your help is appreciated,


Karen Arango
DynCorp Information Systems