[ic] Native joiner for multi-selection form variables

Chris Wenham cwenham@netmonger.net
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:11:14 -0400 (EDT)

 A bit of background on the question to put everything in context:
 Minivend has a couple of features for dealing with form controls that
 allow multiple selections, specifically checkboxes.

 The [checked] tag is useful for re-checking boxes according to a form
 value. For example: when the visitor is returned to a confirmation
 page before final submission.

 To retrieve all the values that may be in an array, you need to use
 [value_extended] - which by default separates the values with a

 But does anyone know what the native separator is?

 What I've done is to use [value_extended] to store the
 space-delimited selections in a database field. Now I want to
 implement an "edit this record" screen that recycles the original
 "enter a new record" form.

 I've written a perl script that goes through all the columns in the
 database and sets $Values before the form is displayed. Everything
 works great except for the set of checkboxes. The array pulled out of
 the database is separated with spaces, which seems to faze the
 [checked] tag. I'm guessing that I can get around this if I simply
 convert the space-delimited array back into the format that [checked]
 (or even [selected]) uses, but I don't know how.

 Any ideas?


Chris Wenham