[ic] Ok now I am having other problems - placing the web in a users dir

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 23:40:36 +0200

Beriah Dutcher schrieb:
> Ok now that i have a sample store running in the default apache dir, I would
> like some assistance with getting one of my users on my machine setup using
> this. I have tried a number of times to get this to work but to no avail. I
> think that I am placing the worng path in the wrong place at the wrong time.
> So I have cut and pasted my entires in this email and also described what I
> am TRYING to do.
> First off im running this on my priivate lan right now and will be placing
> this on the web when we get our t1. the name of the machine is censerver and
> the user i am trying to get working is eric. The apache config is setup to
> look for user webs in the 'www' in the user home dir. That is working fine.
> However I am having a problem with getting interchange to install in that
> dir.(I think im not specifying path's right so heres what i did maybe you
> guys can tell me what i did wrong.
> Catalog name? eric
> Server name? [freefall] censerver

Hmmm...in normal case, I would write "www.my-own-domain-name.com"

> DemoType? [barry]
> permtype? [M]
> MiniVendUser? [minivend]

Have you a user "minivend" in your machine?
Did you use the makecat script as an user "minivend"?

> CatUser? [eric]
> MiniVendGroup?
> MailOrderTo? [eric]
> CatRoot? [/usr/home/eric] /usr/home/eric/catalogs
> CgiDir? [/usr/local/apache/cgi-bin] /usr/home/eric/www/cgi-bin
> CgiUrl? [/cgi-bin/eric.cgi]
> Aliases? [/eric]
> DocumentRoot? [/usr/local/apache/htdocs] /usr/home/eric/www

And can Apache use _this_ directory?

> SampleHtml? [/usr/home/eric/www/eric]

Ooops? Did this work? DocumentRoot ist "/usr/home/eric/www" and the
SampleHtml is "/usr/home/eric/www/eric"?

If you can access any page via your Apache at "/usr/home/eric/www", I
would write

DocumentRoot? [/usr/local/apache/htdocs] /usr/home/eric/www
SampleHtml? [/usr/home/eric/www/eric] /usr/home/eric/www/eric

if your shop has a name like "eric"!

> ImageDir? [/usr/home/eric/www/eric/images]
> ImageUrl? [/eric/images]

ImageUrl? [/eric/images] /images


I can't help you more (or anymore?)!



-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------