[ic] CyberCash authorization submitted twice

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 19:11:10 -0400

Either downgrade to MCK- or get the fixes for off 
homestead.  Search the mailing list archives for cybercash and homestead to 
find the URL.


At 03:26 PM 9/22/00, you wrote:
>After installing CyberCash to Interchange 4.5.5, IC would not sent the
>card number to CyberCash. Removing the &CreditCard lines from the default
>profiles.order, all the correct information is sent, however it kicks
>back to the checkout page with an error that the order.id was already
>completed. It does not go to the failed page OR the receipt page. This is
>using the default checkout.html, profiles.order (except as noted above) and
>the default orders.pm file in IC.
>Turning on a high level of logging for CyberCash shows that the order is
>submitted and is returned as successful and then it is submitted again
>with the same order.id which of course fails. This happens when the submit
>order button is clicked only once.
>Anyone else seen this behavior, have a fix, ideas? I've been pulling my
>hair out on this one for a couple of days now. Always the same results.
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