[ic] CVS question

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
25 Sep 2000 00:51:27 +0200

"Rob Zimmerman" <rob@readysite.net> writes:

> I get alot of these type errors when updating via CVSn using <update -dP>. 
> Also, while the barry demo is in my soursce tree it does not install to the 
> interchange dir. I just copy the directory over manualy. 
> **cvs outpout**
> patch: Invalid options.
> patch: Usage:   patch [-blNR] [-c|-e|-n] [-d dir] [-D define] [-i patchfile]\
>               [-o outfile] [-p num] [-r rejectfile] [file]
> cvs update: could not patch regenerate; will refetch
> P dist/lib/UI/usertag/return_to

It seems that your patch binary is way too old or non-standard.
I'm running patch 2.5 here.


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