[ic] New Interchange (cvs updateing from today) and trouble with makecat

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:36:17 +0200

Hi list,

how can I set the sharedir?
I use for example "<Vendroot>/etc/construct.makecat.cfg" as a catalog
cfg file for the demotyp "construct".
I create my shop with "bin/makecat myshop".

My directory structur is for example

(the Vendroot)
(the old MV Version 3 stuff)
(the old MV Version 4 stuff)
(the new Interchange stuff)

I get an error message by makecat (or Makecat.pm) because, makecat is
trying to copy the ui images stuff into the directory xyz. I've tried 

Variable    __SHAREDIR__   /www/mydomain.com/ui


Variable    __MVC_SHAREDIR__   /www/mydomain.com/ui

with no effect. Another misbehavior is the userid. Makcat can't
recognize the user and can't set "$mvuid" right. After adding a line

$mvuid = my-interchange-name


$mvuid = 1002 (this is my gid number)

makecat works. Why can't makecat get the username correct?

As an non-english-speaking german boy, my effort is to understand the
english written text once and once more and I read the english written
text once and once more again (I'm still learning English.). 
Makecat tell me, where is the image to install and I've tell makecat the
whole path and _not_ the URL of this images. But I read another text in
catalog.cfg (the construct store) and it is using the variable
__IMAGE_URL__. And the IMAGE_URL is set with __IMAGE_DIR__. In this
case, I can't use my old cfg file for the newest Interchange. I think
URL is a URL is a URL and DIR is a DIR is a DIR. Am I wrong? I would
prefer to get a right informations and I would prefer, there is a
backward compatibility with the old cfg files of the old MiniVend!

I will be happy, if someone can explain me that and make my head clear. 



-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------