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I have used Fireworks by Macromedia to get the initial look of the page. In
Fireworks you design the page as one large image. You then "slice" the image
into the different "sections" (ie., menubar, leftside, etc.) and export the
image and select the nested or single table setup (you may have to play
around with it, as I did, to determine the best setup). Also select
Dreamweaver as the "style" when exporting. Make SURE you export into an
empty file folder or it gets real messy! Once exported, you can open the
html page created in Dreamweaver and edit it. After editing, open the html
in notepad and "separate" the different sections. I then added the MV tags
and such by hand, in notepad. It is entirely posssible to do most of this in
Dreamweaver, as well, however I have not reached that level yet. There is a
learning curve involved, and I recommend the Fireworks 3 Quickstart Guide by
Sandy Cohen, but I now use and recommend Fireworks regularly. You can view
my latest site here www.tgisdances.com. Good luck!

Curt Hauge

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I was wondering what html editor you used to build up the pages in the
examples since if you work on any of them in an html editor like dreamweaver
and similar they get all messed up because there are tables opened in the
file with the top part and closed in another file with the bottom part.
What method did the implementors used ? Have they done a single page and
then splitted it up into several pieces or what ?
Anybody has got any ideas ?

Valerio Santinelli
Register.it Support Team


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