[ic] Interchange 4.5.6 beta released

Dave Barr barrd@cricinfo.com
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:29:05 +0100

>* Fixed longstanding problem with demo catalog whereby the UserDB
>   defined the username field as "user" but it was actually named
>   "username" in the database. Changed UserDB default to "username", because
>   "user" is a reserved word in some SQL databases (i.e. Postgres).


Hi all,

I'm afraid I'm still having problems with 4.5.6 not adding new users 
correctly, I first used CVS yesterday, no success, now today the 
latest tarball, I did a complete reinstall after deleting all my old 
catalogs and associated files (inc. dropping all my old MySQL 
databases) - all still resulting in new users being added with an ID 
of U0000*

This is using MySQL under Debian 2.2.17 with IC4.5.6 - is anyone else 
experiencing the same problems?

Mike had a fix a while ago (RE: Rocky Marquiss & "Frustrations with 
adding users") of adding to catalog.cfg the following:

     UserDB  default  username username

But according to the "fix list", this has been ammended, 
unfortunately, it would appear, not for me  :(

Everything else is tickedy-boo and I have to take my hat off to the 
guys in Akopia for a fantastic job with the new UI admin backend... 
I'm "well impressed"!

Any help (esp. if anyone can think of anything obvious I may be doing 
wrong) would be most appreciated.



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