[ic] *New* User Addition "additional" details added into U0000*

Dave Barr barrd@cricinfo.com
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:08:34 +0100

>Quoting Matthew Schick (mschick@brightredproductions.com):
>>  Hey all....
>>      I just updated via cvs and am still having problems with adding users at
>>      checkout time.  The user is added correctly, but the order is under a
>>      "U0000*" user, meaning that if I login under the username that was
>>      created there is no order....
>This was a problem with the new login_table capability -- it was not
>getting updated when logging in via new_account. Fixed in CVS.



I just updated via CVS and the new_account is still a tad broken for me.

If I create a new account, then add any other info (company address - 
order etc) that information is added to a new user ID of U0000*...

Catalogs error log comes up with:

[snip] aQNzVXiF: - [28/September/2000:11:43:42 
+0100] cricshop /exec/cricshop/process.html search error: Search 
strings must be at least 1 characters. You had no search string 

No "search" was done, this was the process of "Save Acct. Info" from 
the Account Maintenance page after submitting "create Account" from 
Add a new user page.

There is no error reported in Interchanges error log


If I create a new account (arriving at Account Maintenance page), 
then immediately logout without adding any new info, then log back in 
again with the new account details, everything works fine..!?! ie. 
all personal and order details are added to the userdb under that 
accounts ID.

Maybe its just me... I don't know...
Debian 2.2.17, MySQL 3.22.32-3, IC 4.5.6 latest CVS, perl 5.005, patch 03



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