[ic] User Addition Still not working....

Dave Barr barrd@cricinfo.com
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 16:20:56 +0100

>Quoting Mike Heins (mikeh@minivend.com):
>I discovered the problems had to do with different environment setup
>for new_account vs. login. I now make all new_account() setups turn
>right around and do a login to guarantee identical setup.
>I have tested fairly extensively here, but I would appreciate
>CVS users testing this as well.

Hi all (& Mike)

IC 4.5.6 latest CVS

This is a bit pedantic, but, the only other problem I have discovered 
thus far is with the drop down country field (in account maintenance) 
- this is with both NetScrape Navigator & Internet Exploiter... if 
"other" is chosen, after the page reload no other country can be 
selected other than Afghanistan, i.e. scroll down to the United 
kingdom, after the refresh, Afghanistan remains the country selected. 
Either the Taliban have infiltrated Akopia  :-)  or something is 
afoot. I managed to get the country to finally "stick" during 
checkout, and it was added to the userdb (in my case UK for United 
Kingdom)... but after going back to account maintenance Afghanistan 
was again at the fore... Thats my tuppence worth...

I have added several users under several conditions trying to 
simulate as many end user scenarios as possible, apart from the 
above, all other info (personal & orders) added works just great!