[ic] Using Chinese characters in Interchange

icottee@bluefountain.com icottee@bluefountain.com
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 06:55:25 +0100

I've been able as a small test to input Japanese characters into interchange (no
SQL backend). On a different project (using zope) I've used MySQL successfully
to handle Japanese encodings. I imagine your pains will be similar to mine and
your first problem will be making sure the MySQL is working fine.

In particular, you need to make sure that MySQL is compiled to handle your big5
encoding. The very latest version of MySQL (still in beta?) allows you to do
this on the fly. On the other versions you have to compile the support in.
Apologies if this is stuff you already know. I don't know much about the Chinese
encodings but in Japanese there are a number you can select from. I had big
problems with one of the standard (developed by MS) but found another encoding
which seems a lot more workable.

I'm about to setup interchange (start next week) for an English/Japanese/French
site using Postgres as a backend. I'll let you know if anything goes bang :-)