[ic] Install/Configure problems / 500 Internal Server Error

Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:47:26 PDT

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Running on UNIX (BSD) w/ Apache web server, Perl 5.005(03)

I had previous installation of MiniVend with no problems.  Installation and 
configuration of Interchange has proven troublesome though.

I am just trying to get the sample stores running, figure I can manage from 
there.  BUT, I can't get the stores (barry) to work.  Run through makecat 
with no problems.  Directory structures appear to be intact.  However, can't 
get to the catalog pages.  Some admin functions work, some don't.

Please see:



For example, QUICKLINKS works, Page Edit works, but Site Layout doesn't.  
Can someone help with this?

Thanks in advance,

- Jeff

[ps] You may respond to jeff_case@hotmail.com

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