[ic] Re: CVS update question :(

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
30 Sep 2000 15:29:34 +0200

Toni Mueller <support-ic@oeko.net> writes:


> I really *should* get around getting the full story about CVS _RSN_
> (I already went after the CVS book).

If you accustomed reading documentation, the CVS documentation
is there too.

> > > I think this is a result of an not up-to-date MANIFEST 
> > > file. The Akopia developers should run "make dist" before
> > > committing stuff.
> Hmm... And I also should get around undestanding MakeMaker.
> > been there since the beginning. I certainly cannot explain why the file
> > would not be present in the distribution....other than an interrupted 
> > initial checkout or an update without the -d option.
> The latter, but please don't ask me why this wasn't there initially.
> I confused -d with -P. Moral: In general, -d is your friend...

racke@linuxia.de:~> cat .cvsrc
cvs -z3
diff -u
update -Pd

You may add -q to the first line if you don't use PCL-CVS for Emacs.


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