[ic] dist/mvmall?

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 09:19:53 -0500

  I have done a couple "malls" in the past and am wondering why the concept of same
shipping and orders. When I started I tried to pattern after real life. In real life all
the mall does is provide service for the store owners. Each store maintains it's own cash
register systems. As to "golf" themes build it. Here is a basic outline of what I used and
if it sounds outrageous it works :) All I have done have been on 3.14 or below.

  The main mall catalog holds info about the "themes" and stores. Each "theme" holds info
about the stores in that "theme". Each store holds info about itself. ProductFiles of the
main mall holds the paths to the products files of every store. This allows product
searching from the main mall area of all products in the mall. "Theme" ProductFiles holds
the paths to all the products files of all the stores in that "theme". No need for
shipping or tax or quantity or ... in main mall or theme areas as they do none of these

  Yes I can not buy something from store A and B and have it on the same order form but I
found to many variables involved to make that happen well and that is not the way it is at
the mall down the street :) I got as far as since many of the stores were in the same zip
I started defining a central zone file (saved server space) As I got a new store (zone) I
downloaded the ups file and put it in the main mall area. Now when a new store came on
board in the same zone just delete the files from that stores catalog and point to the
correct file in the main mall area. Alternative was just let each store owner handle


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