[ic] User Addition Still not working....

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 10:51:39 -0400

Quoting Dave Barr (barrd@cricinfo.com):
> >Quoting Mike Heins (mikeh@minivend.com):
> >I discovered the problems had to do with different environment setup
> >for new_account vs. login. I now make all new_account() setups turn
> >right around and do a login to guarantee identical setup.
> >
> >I have tested fairly extensively here, but I would appreciate
> >CVS users testing this as well.
> >
> >Best,
> >Mike
> ---
> Hi all (& Mike)
> IC 4.5.6 latest CVS
> This is a bit pedantic, but, the only other problem I have discovered 
> thus far is with the drop down country field (in account maintenance) 
> - this is with both NetScrape Navigator & Internet Exploiter... if 
> "other" is chosen, after the page reload no other country can be 
> selected other than Afghanistan, i.e. scroll down to the United 
> kingdom, after the refresh, Afghanistan remains the country selected. 
> Either the Taliban have infiltrated Akopia  :-)  or something is 
> afoot. I managed to get the country to finally "stick" during 
> checkout, and it was added to the userdb (in my case UK for United 
> Kingdom)... but after going back to account maintenance Afghanistan 
> was again at the fore... Thats my tuppence worth...

No option=country in account.html country loop. Fixed in demo.

> I have added several users under several conditions trying to 
> simulate as many end user scenarios as possible, apart from the 
> above, all other info (personal & orders) added works just great!

Great, glad to have the testing. 8-)

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