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John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Sun, 01 Apr 2001 15:02:34 -0600 (MDT)

Actually Dan & Robert,

This is more likely not a permissions problem but a naming problem of the
vlink/tlink problem...

For example if on your test server you were using:


Your Live Server is:


Then you hard coded a link in your pages to goto "/cgi-bin/testsite", when you
go to the live server that link would generate a "undefined catalog error"...

My guess would be that your interchange.cfg catalog definition line is different
from a line you have hard coded in your html/iml pages.

YOu can beat this by using the <A HREF="[area href="page"]">Page</A> command.
This way it always usese the correct catalog vlink/tlink program...

John Beima

Quoting Dan B <db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net>:

> At 04:35 PM 3/31/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> >Mike or Anybody,
> >Yesterday I put a request for help regarding moving catalogs to a
> production
> >machine and getting an "undefined catalog" error all of a sudden. No
> errors
> >are being generated and interchange starts without errors. But I still
> get
> >"undefined catalog". What is causing this? It is making the connection
> to
> >MySQL because I generated a new catalog using makecat and the tables
> and
> >data were created in MySQL. This happened after upgrading to 4.6.4 from
> >4.6.3. Please help as I am under a time deadline and was just about
> >finished.
> Robert,
> Sorry, I didn't really get in on your original post.  It looks like this
> pops up whenever there is a 403 error (Access Forbidden).  Which means
> that 
> you might have a permissions problem.  Are you sure you have the correct
> user/group settings?  Try running the catalog as the interchange user 
> (often 'interch'), if that works then you know perms in your problem.
> Or, could it be your http setup?  Can you access regular html and 
> cgi-bin?  (Try using a known good cgi-bin program in your cgi-bin
> directory).
> Have you checked and re-checked your interchange.cfg, catalog.cfg, 
> symlinks, cgi-bin/link, etc. files?  Make sure your interchange.cfg has
> a 
> correct line for your catalog.  I.e.
> Catalog       construct /var/ic/construct /cgi-bin/construct /construct
> By any chance, is the production machine a RAQ?  If so, then pour over
> the 
> mailing list archives for RAQ stuff.  But I think it is permissions.
> HTH,
> Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com
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