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Mike Heins mheins@redhat.com
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 17:20:18 -0400

Quoting Young Family (ary@communicationfactory.com):
> And by the way the archives at
> http://lists.akopia.com/mailman/listinfo/interchange-users dont have a
> search function.

Mailman archives don't, but the normal mail list archive does. The link
is right off the developer site.

Did you try going to http://developer.akopia.com and typing something in the
search box? It tries the docs first, then provides a pretty convenient
link to search the mail list with the same keywords. The page you get
back from that will have a box you can refine your search with.

As someone else points out pretty often, you can search at Google
with "KEYWORD site:developer.akopia.com" and have pretty good luck.

I think that actually the developer site has pretty good search --
the main problem is finding the right keywords to deal with the reams
of information that come back. 8-)

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