[ic] > Any Ideas? Yes read the documentation...

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 14:27:57 -0700

> > Any Ideas? Yes read the documentation...
> Ok.
> Please excuse me for not finding the answer in my 1000 page manual I have
> been poring through for two hours. And by the way the archives at
> http://lists.akopia.com/mailman/listinfo/interchange-users dont have a
> search function. I was just stupid and lazy. I should have spent another
> hours searching before I finally came to the conclusion that I shouldnt
> posted the question. Please forgive me. It was entirely my fault.
> Alan

The search funtion is at http://developer.akopia.com Type your search phrase
in the box on the lefthand size, hit go.  Then there will be a link to each
match and 'search mailing list' link.  Or you can use google.  Your search
phrase at www.google.com should be: developer.akopia.com +your +search
+phrase +here And it will search the developer site (including the mailing
list for your phrase)