[ic] Construct Us Demo Colors (Need to convert to a variable)

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Sun, 01 Apr 2001 20:27:52 -0500

What was used in the past was a list of vars and you used them in
specific spots in pages. This way you just changed the var definition in
the catalog.cfg file and all places in the site changed. If I remember
correctly the orange is hard coded in the templates so you will have to
un-hard code. Define your var:


then add in to template. You could also do:


You would call this var with __LINECOLOR__

The old minivend had body tags (15 of them) where you could define
bgcolor, text, link, vlink, alink for 15 combinations. You simply
changed the tag from [body 1] to [body 2] in your pages but if you were
really smart you just edited the catalog.cfg file so your colors in the
2 spot were in the 1 spot. This avoids changing all the pages. I think
that tag is dead now but the concept remains. Same as described above.


"Bob Puff@NLE" wrote:
> > Actually my last resoonce to you applies here to... Read the documentation...
> Now come on, that is less helpful than no response.
> I am about to try to find the same thing.  Last time I perused the Interchange site, I found no docs that relate to the Construct Something demo.  There were docs on the Simple demo, but that's not
> what is being distributed.
> I do have most of the docs that were on the site a few months ago printed out (yes, lots of pages!).  -WHERE- in the docs does it relate concerning the colors in the Construct Something demo?
> Bob
> P.S. I've also noticed that the border color is grey in Netscape, and orange in IE.  Interesting difference.
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