[ic] Beima's Response!

Sean Machado Greatbeast@mediaone.net
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 23:19:42 -0400

People, lets not get ridiculous here.

Someone asked for help (which is WHY this list exists) and was basically
(and unfairly IMHO) to RTFM.

Doesn't this list exist to help each other ?

If you people want to get into a whizzing contest, that's your
affair. But I don't thing that someone asking a question should
be shoved off with RTFM and then have their
abilities to read code, docs, or what-have-you questioned here.

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Well Jim keeping to YOUR tone...

The documentation has an entire chapeter on discounts and quantity
Given that you have actually went through it line by line WITH your bifocals
and given you are in fact the programmer you say you are, you should
it just fine...

Then looking at the examples in the Construct database and old Art Store
you should MORE than understand how to do it... Otherwise I sujest you hire
REAL Interchange/Minivend consultant to hand hold you through the basics...

Also I think this is quite enough for the list, if you wish to or are
capable of
continuing this decussion it can be moved to private e-mail...


Quoting Jim Balcom <jim@idk-enterprises.com>:

> Please explain to me WHERE in the documentation it explains how to set
> up quantity pricing in the Construct Something Demo!
> I've been through the whole thing, and perhaps my bifocals need
> changing, but I can't find it!
> Or, perhaps where to find some documentation for the Construct
> Something demo, which I have not yet been able to find either!
> As far as to HOW to use the documentation - that seems fairly straight
> forward - simply read it, line by line - which I am doing. Perhaps you
> have a different technique?
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