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I guess I'd like to take a different tack here. I am new and just learning,
and have tried to keep my questions low while I'm still learning what to do.
Mainly my initial questions were inquiring as to the capabilities of the
software suited toward my experience and my needs. But now quite frankly I'm
worried about what I should be posting here. What sort of questions *are*
appropriate to this forum?

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> Excellent point!
> But, Let's look at it from a different angle!
> Yes, I can read the theory of internal combustion and all of the books
> available on the subject. And, that's like reading the available docs
> on IC. The ones that I have seen are all theory.

If you don't understrand the engine, you can't work on it!

> But, that does not prepare me to do a valve job on a Ford, Pontiac,
> Toyota, or any other car.
> <b>HOWEVER</b> Give me an example of how to do a valve job on a Ford,
> and I can quickly adapt the techniques to be able to do valve jobs on
> Pontiacs, Toyotas, Volkswagens and any other internal combustion engine.

Examples? Might you want a free lunch too?

> I learn by 'doing'. Construct Something sets up an excellent store. A
> very complete store, with only a couple of omissions. Whoever set this
> up put in a LOT of time and effort into building it. I only wish that I
> was selling hammers and nails. It's great. But, not covered is why the
> various things are done as they are. When a good programmer writes
> software s/he puts in comments to explain what they did, and why. I
> haven't found these explanations, yet.

You are given an increadable package here, you have to put some effort in.

> I'm standing here looking at a Ford that needs a valve job and I have
> no idea of where to start in, other than the theory of the 4-cycle
> internal combustion engine.
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