[ic] Beima's Response!

Adi Linden adi@adis.on.ca
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 22:58:29 -0500 (CDT)



Interchange users is the forum for discussing how, when, where, and why to
use Interchange, the electronic commerce software based orignally on
Minivend and Tallyman. 

List topics include anything and everything related to Interchange. No
blatant commercial messages are allowed, otherwise there are no rules

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On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, John Beima wrote:

> G'Day Sean,
> Actually there is even a note on this in the manual... Take a quick look at the
> comments around using the list in the manual!
> Have a good night!
> John
> Quoting Sean Machado <Greatbeast@mediaone.net>:
> > People, lets not get ridiculous here.
> > 
> > Someone asked for help (which is WHY this list exists) and was basically
> > (and unfairly IMHO) to RTFM.
> > 
> > Doesn't this list exist to help each other ?
> > 
> > If you people want to get into a whizzing contest, that's your
> > affair. But I don't thing that someone asking a question should
> > be shoved off with RTFM and then have their
> > abilities to read code, docs, or what-have-you questioned here.
> >