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Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Sun, 01 Apr 2001 21:12:43 -0800

At 03:02 PM 4/1/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Actually Dan & Robert,
>This is more likely not a permissions problem but a naming problem of the
>vlink/tlink problem...
>For example if on your test server you were using:
>Your Live Server is:
>Then you hard coded a link in your pages to goto "/cgi-bin/testsite", when you
>go to the live server that link would generate a "undefined catalog error"...
>My guess would be that your interchange.cfg catalog definition line is 
>from a line you have hard coded in your html/iml pages.
>YOu can beat this by using the <A HREF="[area href="page"]">Page</A> command.
>This way it always usese the correct catalog vlink/tlink program...

Did this fix it, Robert?  When you were upgrading/downgrading interchange, 
are you using the rpm or the tarball?

Also, does "bin/interchange -r" report any problems starting the 
catalog?  In other words, does it have anything between the two following 
Configuring catalog construct...Using default DBM database.

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com