[ic] What's wrong ? was [Re: Beima's Response]

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 00:53:08 -0400 (EDT)

Jin Balcom wrote :

> Please explain to me WHERE in the documentation it explains how to set
> up quantity pricing in the Construct Something Demo!
> I've been through the whole thing, and perhaps my bifocals need
> changing, but I can't find it!

Searching "quantity pricing" in the mail archives result in 183 links
and they are quite good ones. The docs have paragraphs on shipping.

Construct demo is a demo, which was added at a much later time as the
original documentation for IC was written. The current documentation are
rephrased documents of the older documentation for MiniVend and split up
into several documents.  Help files for the demos and admin interface
added later by Akopia are somewhat softy texts which didn't say that much,
but they used to look nice and offer a gentle  introduction geared towards
people, who get interested to ask for more services or to start
digging into the internals by themselves. The tutorial is helpful for
beginners to get a feeling for the basic functions and structure of IC. 

It has been clearly mentioned on the documentation site,  that the
documentation is in work and I think Jon Jensen said once that there is
much more to expect for 4.8. The current documentation is quite extensive, 
but certainly not to grasp in a couple of hours. So just keep digging.

I think people help each other very much on the list and the help you get
depends on the quality of question you ask. It's kind of sad to see this
tone of frustration on both side of the aisle.