[ic] Signio .. Again

Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 13:05:52 -0700

Ok All
I am looking in the file /usr/lib/interchange/eg/globalsub/signio. It says

# This is how you can use Signio PayPro with Interchange.
 1. Modify interchange.cfg to use this file.
 #include globalsub/signio
 2. Modify catalog.cfg to set the server and your Signio account info
 # Username and password
 Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID      YourSignioID
 Variable MV_PAYMENT_SECRET  YourSignioPassword
 # Use test.signio.com for testing
 Variable MV_PAYMENT_SERVER  connect.signio.com
 3. Set the payment mode in catalog.cfg:
 Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE    custom signio
 4. Make sure CreditCardAuto is off (default)
 5. Restart Interchange.

Ok now for my dumb questions.....This tells me what to do but not why I am
doing it. I am trying to get a clarification of the practices implemented by
this code

1) Is there a globalsub/itransact?
2) Can one shop use authorize.net and another use signio, while running the
same instance of Interchange? Or do I need a separate instance of
Interchange for every shop with a different approval service? I am thinking
not because the signio-specific stufff is in catalog.cfg .Am I correct?
3) The Signio module appears to talk to the Signio host directly, does this
presume that some other Signio software is installed on my server?

Alan Young