[ic] Signio .. Again

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 01:31:54 -0700

> Ok now for my dumb questions.....This tells me what to do but not why I am
> doing it. I am trying to get a clarification of the practices implemented
> this code

Dumb question, nah, those clarifications are definitely a good thing to know

> 1) Is there a globalsub/itransact?

I think John just posted tonight about working on this for the 4.8.x version
of IC with Mike's help.  I'd look for it in a future version.

> 2) Can one shop use authorize.net and another use signio, while running
> same instance of Interchange? Or do I need a separate instance of
> Interchange for every shop with a different approval service? I am
> not because the signio-specific stufff is in catalog.cfg .Am I correct?

Yes you are correct!  You tell IC which globalsub to use on a catalog
specific basis so it should not be a problem to use different providers for
each catalog.  This would definitely be helpful for clients that are
changing e-com apps/providers but would like to keep their existing payment

> 3) The Signio module appears to talk to the Signio host directly, does
> presume that some other Signio software is installed on my server?

Yes, the signio module calls the PfPro binary which sets up a secure link
with Signio (now verisign).  These binaries are available for most
hardware/os'es that IC will run on.  You can download the software once you
setup a *free* test account with Verisign.  After you download the software,
untar/unzip it and follow their directions contained in the tgz.  Once you
have verified that the PfPro binary works using the included test.sh you
should be ready to integrate with IC.

This reminds me that I need to rewrite the Verisign how-to (I can't seem to
find my original on the list or in my archives) and also add the
IC+Verisign+Alpha+Java how-to and PGP how-to.  I'll get around to it since
we have a break in site developments (a break, no way :)

Good luck,