[ic] A Very Tough Question aabout XML-Soap

Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 14:15:28 -0700

Here I am going for all the marbles with this question

My Scenario......
I have my "Secure Server" that talks to Signio and my accounting software on
a separate (NT) server. I am running a Microsoft BizTalk / XML Soap
interface there.

Okay soooo... I do not want to have Interchange talk directly to Signio. I
want my accounting server to do that, and I must invoke a Remote Procedure
Call using XML-Soap, and then wait for an XML response and then parse that
response with Expat. This will allow me to not only do Credit Card approvals
through my current Credit Card Server, which logs all activity in one place,
it allows me to post stuff to my accounting using crontab, etc.. The
possibilities are endless, I can even auto-import stuff into my catalog,
etc. I have all the Perl stuff, I am just trying to make it all fit

1) So I must create a Global Subroutine in Perl, right?

2) That Subroutine Must have a Perl Object that I must Reference , Right?

3) And I call the Global Subroutine using embedded perl commands right?

If I create perl object called BizTalk, then I can reference it like this
        return $approved;

But I am confused on how to call the object methods.

Am I on the right track? I have looked in the manuals for GlobalSub and it
shows syntax but no fully fleshed out example of how to create, and then USE
a globalsub.

Are there any object constructor/destructor object issues I must deal with?
I will need to add a new dependency on a Perl::Expat module, what should I
worry about there?

I really need a XMLRPC/ SOAP type interface, and I am willing to make one if
people will point me in the right direction and help me educate myself about
how to properly create a GlobalSub and interface it with the existing
system. This will make Interchange VERY flexible in cross-platform

If somebody says RTFM I am going to scream. (Sorry).

Alan Young