[ic] XML_Soap Client

Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 20:02:35 -0700

>>$approved = {[soap
>>                              uri="http://localhost/BizTalk/CCard"
 >>                             call="approvalstatus"
 >>                             param.ccnum="[cgi mv_credit_card_number]"
 >>                             param.ccexp="[cgi mv_credit_card_exp_all]"
 >>                             param.amount="[total-cost noformat=1]"
 >>                         ]};

That is exactly what I need, an  XML Soap Client procedure call. Thank you
very much, that is a perfect way to hook in to my existing credit card
server. I just need to install Soap:Lite now.

>>Now fitting this into the framework of Interchange payments, I think
>>that writing a GlobalSub using SOAP::Lite directly along the lines
>>of globalsub/signio would be better.

Ok that brings me back to my original question...I have read the
documentation page in the manual on GlobalSub, but it is a bit sketchy.
What I am looking for is a "working demo" of how to create and call a
GlobalSub (in general). This could be used for a ton of things. Even a
simple Hello World type demo would really move things along for me.

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me on creating a GlobalSub.
My main problem so far seems to be simply finding my way through the maze of
stuff. For example, I looked and looked and looked for XML, SOAP, etc, RPC,
on the AKOPIA archive search pages you all  told me about yesterday, and
nothing. And then you pulll
http://larry.minivend.com/interchange/alpha/soap.html out of thin air....Wow
you are good.

Alan Young