[ic] Documentation

Jon Jensen jon@akopia.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 10:30:06 -0500 (CDT)

I want to mention a few things I missed in the announcement about the IC
4.7.1 alpha release.

First, there's a new demo that replaces 'construct'. It's called
'foundation'. It is set up and implemented in a very similar way, but
should be a little bit simpler, has much cleaner HTML (using CSS), the
option to try out different sample product sets or none at all, and a few
new features.

Brev Patterson and Jason Kohles here at Red Hat have done great work on it
so far, and they're still improving things during the 4.7.x development

The documentation is moving along, with Bill Dawkins of our professional
services group taking time out to work on the tag reference (ictags) and
bring it up to date and make it complete.

The docs released in 4.7.1 have some severely messed up formatting in
places, due to bad document conversion. So don't take them too seriously
yet ...

We'd love to have assistance from the user community on documentation.
Several ways to contribute are:

(1) When you figure out something that had you stumped, add an annotation
to the online docs. I recently pulled several useful notes out of there
and added them to the main documentation set. It's easy, quick, and gets
help immediately to the other users.

(2) Send us fixes to inaccurate or incomplete parts of the current docs.
If something's totally undocumented and you figure it out, write it up and
send it to the list.

(3) Write a new tutorial like 'iccattut'. It's harder than it looks, but
you always learn new things yourself in the process.