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Andreas, Scott Scott.Andreas@learningco.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 09:00:12 -0700

I'm having difficulty figuring out why orders aren't be mailed to the
appropriate individual.
Here is my set up...
On the order page I have several if statements that looks at the mv_pc
attribute and if it equal one of our sales rep then that order is emailed to
that sales rep.
In the building process of our site I used myself as the test subject. I
then went through and changed all the values to the appropriate settings in
After regenerating the site and restarting the server I then went through
and ran a test. The orders are being email to me the test subject instead of
the being email to the rep.

I setup a test server and created a test site with all the same variable and
function and everything on the test server works exactly as it should.

So I'm stumped any ideas???

My set up...

Tarball of IC version 4.6.0
Redhat 6.1 

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