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John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 12:23:13 -0600 (MDT)

Are we going to get a base store that does NOT use css? Since WebTV has problems
with them, and they are a growing base, this demo would become very useless to
popular sites....

John Beima

Quoting Jon Jensen <jon@akopia.com>:

> I want to mention a few things I missed in the announcement about the IC
> 4.7.1 alpha release.
> First, there's a new demo that replaces 'construct'. It's called
> 'foundation'. It is set up and implemented in a very similar way, but
> should be a little bit simpler, has much cleaner HTML (using CSS), the
> option to try out different sample product sets or none at all, and a
> few
> new features.
> Brev Patterson and Jason Kohles here at Red Hat have done great work on
> it
> so far, and they're still improving things during the 4.7.x development
> cycle.
> The documentation is moving along, with Bill Dawkins of our professional
> services group taking time out to work on the tag reference (ictags) and
> bring it up to date and make it complete.
> The docs released in 4.7.1 have some severely messed up formatting in
> places, due to bad document conversion. So don't take them too seriously
> yet ...
> We'd love to have assistance from the user community on documentation.
> Several ways to contribute are:
> (1) When you figure out something that had you stumped, add an
> annotation
> to the online docs. I recently pulled several useful notes out of there
> and added them to the main documentation set. It's easy, quick, and gets
> help immediately to the other users.
> (2) Send us fixes to inaccurate or incomplete parts of the current docs.
> If something's totally undocumented and you figure it out, write it up
> and
> send it to the list.
> (3) Write a new tutorial like 'iccattut'. It's harder than it looks, but
> you always learn new things yourself in the process.
> Jon
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