Re[2]: [ic] Beima's Response! and customer confirmation ...

Master Abductor
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 14:54:57 -0700

I have to say, if you'll allow me to voice the clingy newbie point of view,
I think newbies might be the only people on the newbie list, and other
newbies usually can't be much help, and without tech support contributions
from akopia we'd probably suffer.
>Maybe even having a beginnger & advance list??? This way the newbies can
>each other, and the ones that have been along for awhile can have our
>list for real coding issues...
Jeez, with UltimateTV and more coming, can't Microsoft just make the damn
thing more compatible? It's like you have to design two websites nowadays.
>Are we going to get a base store that does NOT use css? Since WebTV has
>with them, and they are a growing base,