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Jim Balcom jim@idk-enterprises.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 18:29:32 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, IC-Admin wrote:

I>>You overestimate the capability of the Akopia/RedHat/MikeHeins team to
I>>adjust the original docs to their continuous changes, enhancements and
I>>new demos. That's a lot of work. All I can say is, that you just have to
I>>be more patient. As a sig says nicely. Be patient, God is not finished
I>>with "them" yet (Mike Heins and the team behind him). You also have to be
I>>patient with members of the list. Many don't know the answers to a lot
I>>of questions, because they are learning and trying it out themselves.

I understand, and agree with, all of the points that you made. No, I
don't expect Mike, or any other member of the development team to write
In fact, probably a total lack of docs would be better than what
appears to be happening now. More people would be helping each other.

I>>in. That means with regards to Mike Heins, that he will write code
I>>not docs, and with regards to the knowledgables on the list, that they are
I>>busy trying out the code and learning about the changes themselves.

I understand. And, that's great! Let's all share all of these secrets
and changes that we are finding out with each other. But, don't go on
this RTFM kick!

I>>Someone (may be you, I don't remember) said previously that it is
I>>unreasonable to make the customer frustrated with the RTFM advice and that
I>>the customer is always king. That's right, but usually this makes sense
I>>only for paying customers. (And I know you will get a royal
I>>treatment if you *are* a paying customer. :-)) 

I didn't say it, and I don't recall seeing it.


I used to moderate the Linux echo on Fidonet. One of the things that we
kept seeing was the same questions over and over. I sought, and found,
a volunteer to take the questions as they popped up in the echo and to
put them into a FAQ. Pascal volunteered and he did a great job. He
posted it once a month as well as making it available for download at a
variety of places.

Toward that end, I am going to start pulling messages out of this list
and put them in a file. A file that I will post periodically until
someone tells me to quit. It's probably going to be rather
disorganized, but hopefully, people just joining the list will be able
to find some answers. And, people who were too green to
understand/appreciate/utilize the answer the first time around, but now
that they have a need will be able to find it.

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