[ic] Beima's Response!

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:43:37 -0700

> On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, John Beima wrote:
> JB>>The documentation has an entire chapeter on discounts and quantity
> I am now convinced that you have a different set of documents than I
> do. Remember, I just started with IC version 4.6.3

Please search for 'CommonAdjust' at http://developer.akopia.com

> JB>>Then looking at the examples in the Construct database and old Art
Store demo,
> I'm sorry, but I don't have the old 'Art Store'.

I believe the Art Store is called 'simple'  It can be found here:


> I'm not here to try to set something up so that I can play hostmaster
> and run other peoples stores.

And it's a good idea not to get involved with that if you have other
business todeal with, this is a full time job in itself.

> I've got an e-commerce business that is
> growing by leaps and bounds. I've outgrown the commerce.cgi package
> from Carey Internet Services. I've got a business to run, orders to
> fill, merchandise to be ordered, etc. I don't have the privilege of
> poring over the docs for a year like you did and poking and prodding to
> find what works and what doesn't. I need to take something, anything,
> and convert it to my needs. Take out a piece, put in a piece, and get
> it available on-line for my customers.

> Now, if someone is willing to come in and help me, at a reasonable fee,
> and not try to rip me off, I will be glad to pay someone to help me set
> up my store. But, in the meantime, "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

If you are looking for consultants to setup your shop perhaps you should
post a message asking for just that?  If you want to do this on your own
then you will need to take the time to learn by poking and prodding, I can't
think of any other way to learn a system that is as in depth as IC is.  I
highly suggest if you don't have the time to dedicate to learning IC that
you hire someone else to do it, there are people out there.

> Now! With that out of the way, and in view of the fact that some people
> are saying that they are having problems finding hosting, I've got IC
> 4.6.3 server running (apparently) flawlessly. The T-1 is due in by the
> end of the month, and the IC server is running on a 550mHz server -
> which will be upgraded once it shows signs of overloading. I'm willing
> to host space to anyone that wants to set up their store on my server
> and use my IC 4.6.3. But, this is strictly a by-product of dealing with
> my own frustrations.

You may not realize how involved hosting e-com apps are.  It requires not
only being a system admin but also a security advisor, tech support line,
etc..  If you are busy with building your e-business you'd be better off
leaving the hosting to another company.

Good luck!