[ic] How to create [same name] subcategories

Gina K. Anderson gina@sitediva.com
Tue, 3 Apr 2001 13:32:22 -0400

|How can I create subcategories?

I still haven't bee able to figure out this little problem:

Dog Products 	(main)
	Food		(sub)
	Collars	(sub)
	Toys		(sub)

Cat Products	(main)
	Food		(sub)
	Collars	(sub)
	Toys		(sub)

I've pretty much thrown IC out of the loop because this is seems to be so
difficult. Firstly, the admin needs to differentiate between the Dog Food and
Cat Food, so a client can add products to either category without needing to
make sure 'cat' or 'dog' is in the name of the product (so a search will turn up
the right products-which doesn't always seem to work anyway).

There are lots of stores that have something like this in the admin:

Choose a category to add the product to:

[drop down box lists:]
Dog Products
Dog Products->Food
Cat Products
Cat Products->Food

It seems there is something in the data table structure that does not allow this
to be done easily. Two people tried to help me out with this, but no solution
seemed to work correctly.