[ic] Building a product from parts

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Tue, 3 Apr 2001 12:44:54 -0700

> We've begun working on a site to sell framed artwork (photographs).  We'd
> like customers to be able to select a work and a size.  Then, they would
> able to select from a collection of mat boards and frames.

Hi Henry,

I'd suggest adding fields called mat, frame,  and size (may already exist)
to your product database.  Once you have done this you can put a comma
seperated list of availble options for each product.  Then search for
'accessories' or 'modifiers' in the online docs.  This should get you
started with your modifiers.

> The price would be based on the work, the size and the frame (or possibly
> just the size and the frame or even just the size).

This is actually pretty simple to setup.  Search the online docs at
http://developer.akopia.com for the phrase 'CommonAdjust'.  This will show
you how to setup a table that holds price adjustment options for each

> Shipping charges would be based on the size (and weight which is pretty
> closely related to size).

I'm not sure how to base it on both, I've only done weight based shipping.
However you may be able to come up with a formula that works for you.  Our
products all weight about the same amount so we just setup a range on the
number of items purchased to determine the shipping price.

> Any guidance on setting up my databases would be appreciated.  I've read a
> fair amount of the documentation but must admit that until you spend a
> amount of time working with Interchange, there's a lot that doesn't sink
> I've looked through the mail list archives but I'm not really sure what to
> search on.  I've gone through the tutorial which was VERY helpful as a
> starting point.  Now I'm working on a modification of the demo.  If doing
> something like what I want is there, I've missed it.  If this is
> somewhere, just point me to it.  I don't want to take up your time and am
> happy to read the docs for myself but I'm not sure where to start.

Good luck!