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Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
03 Apr 2001 15:52:50 -0400

"Dan McFarland" <dan@mailturtle.com> writes:

> I added a category for MOTHERS DAY on the left list.  This is a complex
> search link which work perfectly, but has a rather LARGE blank space
> underneath it.  Where do I go to change that blank space and move everything
> else up?

 <td width="119" bgcolor="#999999" valign="top"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#FFFFFF"><B><A HREF="http://www.newtrailtrading.com/cgi-bin/store/scan/fi=products/st=db/se=mom/op=rm/nu=0/ml=10/tf=sku/to=x%2ehtml%3fmv_pc%3d2953.html?id=MHziSYxX" CLASS="barlink"><FONT COLOR="#FFFFFF">MOTHERS DAY</FONT></A></B></font></td>
 <td width="119" valign="top">
  <p><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#FFFFFF">

You're problem appears to be the two extra rows and the first extra
row has two paragraphs in it with a single blank space.  All of this
is quite a bit of white space.
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