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Thanks for your input Dan. My client is a manufacturer who sells direct and
through resellers. He plans to launch a series of site aimed at vertical
markets as well as a reseller site based on the same products. Each site
will have different price levels and categories. Is there a way to just read
the catagories from the cat.dbm file in each site and grab the catalog data
from MySQL and point all the sites to the same datasource?

Yes, you can do this.  But why?  If you are interested in setting up a
mall, search the archives for mall and you'll find those who have done it

But it would seem quite possible for multiple catalogs->1 database.  It
would be a longs ways from the Construct template, though.  To allow for
different pricing and different products to show up, you should probably
create another table which specifies:

sku     price

So you can lookup only the skus/prices from the regular products database
that are included in this store.  And for the left categories, search the
products table for skus that are included in that category, but return the
category of those products.

You may need to do some things for the order database to be shared.  E.g.
Setup different ordernumber sequences.  (8000000, 8000001, 8000002 for one
store, 9000000, 9000001, 9000002 for  the second store, etc.).  Or, use the
database autonumber.  Each table will probably need a few extra fields as
well (owner_catalog, etc.).



Have fun with it.  :)

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com

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