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Tue, 03 Apr 2001 13:45:38 -0700

At 03:07 PM 4/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for your input Dan. My client is a manufacturer who sells direct and
>through resellers. He plans to launch a series of site aimed at vertical
>markets as well as a reseller site based on the same products.

Cool.  For the reseller sites, I would recommend just using the same 
catalog (as the vertical), but use the "affiliates" functionality of 
interchange (read up on it in the docs/list).  Unless you need a radically 
different visual interface for the resellers, it would work great for 
that.  You can have all the reseller pricing done that way, without the 
need for a seperate catalog.

>Each site
>will have different price levels and categories. Is there a way to just read
>the catagories from the cat.dbm file in each site and grab the catalog data
>from MySQL and point all the sites to the same datasource?

Using DBM for the cat and MySQL for the products should work better than 
what I was telling you earlier (just use your selector= field).  Make sure 
you go over dbconf/mysql/*.mysql files really well in each catalog.

-Dan B.
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