[ic] Upgrade problems with custom pricing

Dorothy Puma dorothy@digilink.net
Tue, 03 Apr 2001 16:28:28 -0700

I have been running a catalog in Minivend 4.02 with complete success.
I've decided to upgrade to Interchange 4.6.1 and my custom pricing no
longer works.  I have a products that change price by size and color,
not by quantity.  I've imported all the data from the original store to
the new store (the new store is a complete fresh start in Interchange
using the Construct Something catalog) the only thing I've imported are
those 2 tables.  I've changed the catalog.cfg file to have:

CommonAdjust   pricing:q1, ;products:price, ;$ ==color:pricing,
==size:pricing, ==size2:pricing (which is identical to the working
catalog in minivend)

PriceField    no_price

And then I commented out the AutoModifer and the Autoload routines.

The UI interface shows the products as a YES for QTY pricing, but the
prices do not calculate.  Does any one have any ideas on what I am

Thank you,
Dorothy Puma